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 1  Pop a 'Golgappa' in your mouth :
Get Indian in your attire: For the ladies, wearing the Indian 'sari' will be a delightful experience. After you've managed to put on one that is. There is an art to it, which the friendly Indian ladies will only be too happy to help you with.



Join a cookery class :

Learn the subtle variations of India's cuisine and unlock the magic of Indian food. The flavours of Indian food are alluring and fragrant. Fluffy rice, tender morsels of meat and chicken, creamy and aromatic sauces, hot baked breads studded with spices, mouth-tingling chutneys and pickles all these authentic flavours are yours to be discovered and enjoyed.


 18  Eat food off a banana leaf  :
Numerous local restaurants in South India serve their staple Dosas, griddle-fried pancakes and Idlis, steamed rice dumplings on a banana leaf. It can prove a little awkward to those who have never used their fingers before. But once you get the hang of it, there can be no other way to eat these delicacies.




Indian Digestive:

The Indian paans are famous for their taste and digestive properties. Paans are special leaves commonly had with betel nuts, which can also be tailor-made on request with coconut powder, clove, sugar, camphor, gulkand (a sweet paste), etc. Go ahead and eat your heart out and top it up with a paan.



Sip tea at a wayside stall:

On the way to Kerala's hill country, Munnar, stop at a tea plantation tea stall and sip a cup of the brew. The cool mountain air makes the experience invigorating. 'Kawa' is a light tea, without milk, topped with grated almonds, popular in Jammu and Kashmir. The masala tea served in the Dhabas in north India is another speciality.



We dare you to eat Sorpotel :

Sorpotel, Goa's prized dish, is served mainly on feast days. It is made-up of diced pieces ol liver, heart and kidney, served in a thick gravy. The gravy is sopped up with sannas, steamed coconut rice pucks that have an intoxicating hint of toddy. The marriage between sannas and sorpotel is blissful, at least so say the Goans. Sorpotel keeps fresh for several days and is actually considered to taste better if left for three to four days before being reheated.


 74  Say Rosogolla  :
The soft, spongy and syrupy ultimate delicacy, Rosogolla, can claim the status of a national dish. Pop one in your mouth and feel the sweet liquid surge down your throat. As a fun thing try saying 'Rasogolla' with a Rosogolla in your mouth.


 87  Hyderabadi biryani an absolute must!  :
Of Mughal origin, Biryani is worthy of a king. In fact, it is said that the last Mughal Emperor bartered his secret recipes in return for his passage to safety! This ultimate meat and rice dish requires elaborate cooking on a slow fire with spices adding to its richness - ginger and garlic, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom, nuts and the king of all flavours Saffron. A thousand stigmas of this autumnal plant go into producing just a gram of this spice - but just a thread or two will elevate a humble plate of rice into a royal platter.


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