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 42  Cultural Delhi  :
The Habitat Centre prides itself on being the epicentre of the cultural and entertainment life of the capital. With several performance venues, almost all operating daily, every evening can be leisurely spent enjoying a spectrum of performances. In addition, delectable cuisine is available at its food court



Spring ahoy :

From the backwaters of Kerala and the waters of Goa to the northern frontiers in Kashmir, cruising on the calm waters surrounded by scenic beauty adds a magical charm to a unique holiday. You could choose to stay on a houseboat or Shikara in Kashmir. Or relax in the Kettuvalloms in Kerala, houseboats made out of jackwood planks sewn together with coir ropes.



Mount Abu :

Discover a tropical hill resort in the middle of the Rajasthan desert. Surrounded by forests and flowering shrubs, Mt. Abu was selected as the site of the most sacred mystic rites in ancient times, the sacrifice of the fire pit. Also, it is the centre of Jain pilgrimage. Check out the intricate carvings of the marble Dilwara temples and expect to get lots of spicy vegetarian food.



A centuries-old eco-tourism effort :

While in Jodhpur, visit the Bishnoi Village. The Bishnoi clan holds a special significance in the culture of India. Their commitment to the natural environment is extraordinary. The basic philosophy of the clan is that all living things have a right to survive and share all resources.
In the fifteenth century, Jambhoji, a resident of a village near Jodhpur, had a vision that the cause of the drought that had hit the area and the hardship that followed was caused by people's interference with nature. Nature protection was given foremost importance in these tenets. Since then, the sect has religiously followed these tenets.
The blackbuck and the chinkara are not afraid of humans here and are often seen near the villages eating out of the villagers' hands.


 65  Go Goa in December :
Goa is the ideal place to head for during December. For, the state comes alive during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Carnivals, music, partying, it's all happening at Goa in December. Make sure to do prior bookings. Once here, you can hire bikes and ride through this picturesque state, stopping over to look at the great architecture of some of the most amazing churches from the Portuguese era.



Monsoon magic at Mandu :

Mandu in Madhya Pradesh is a celebration of life, a tribute to the tender love of the poet-prince, Baz Bahadur for his consort, Rani Roopmati. The balladeers of Malva still sing of their love. Roopmati's pavilion gazes down fondly upon Baz Bahadur's palace, an outstanding example of Afghan architecture. The other structures of interest are the massive Jama Masjid and Hoshang Shah's Tomb, which served as models for the master-builders of the Taj Mahal, centuries later.
The magic of Mandu lives on in its palaces, mosques, and in its ballads. Mandu comes to life in the monsoon season. But anytime is a good time to see this spectacular place.


 69  Khajuraho :
While many people come to Khajuraho to see the erotic sculpture, this is a spectacular place for those interested in art and sculpture. Khajuraho is a must for students of art..



Be a sahib for a day :

The club culture in Kolkata is a British Raj legacy. Today the exclusive clubs of yesteryear are haunts of the native sahibs. Some of the clubs have strict dress codes and adherence to it is recommended. Sip a cup at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club (established 1829, the oldest golf club outside the UK), and experience what it was to be a "burra sahib" (big boss) in the days of the British Raj.


 73  Check out the heart-beat of Kolkata :
Check out the Howrah bridge. See the New Market where everything from needles, textiles to squirrels is available. The Jewish street is a delight.

Here they continue to have their own courts that follow Jewish law.



The Darjeeling train journey :

Make sure to be on board the Darjeeling Himalayan Train. Described by the Guinness Railway Book as ‘one of the world’s most spectacular’ rail Journeys, it is one of the things you must do when you are in India. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a piece of inspirational railway engineering. A tiny locomotive engine heaves its way up a near-vertical mountain, daily hauling its trainload of men and materials up a climb of over 2000 metres.



Border with Myanmar (Manipur) :

 Manipur is a great place to see over two dozen tribes. Famous for Manipuri dances and handloom textiles, the capital is surrounded by hills and lakes where one can go on nature walks and understand the meaning of true peace.



'Pardesi' Synagogue in Cochin :

The magnificent synagogue is named after 'Pardesi' (meaning 'foreigners') who are the 'White Jews' a mixture of Jewish exiles from Spain and Portugal. It is the oldest synagogue built in the former British Empire.
In 1568, the Rajah of Cochin, Paraja, gave a piece of land to the Jewish community next to his palace to build the synagogue. The synagogue houses 1600-year-old copper plates on which the community charter of independence and the privileges granted to the Jewish community are inscribed. It was reconstructed in 1662, after the Portuguese bombardment of that year.



Visit a spice garden in Kerala :

A visit to a spice garden is memorable. Here one can find spices native to the state growing in a garden. Pull some nutmeg from the bark of a nutmeg tree or wrench out some peppercorns. Owned by families, one can get a glimpse into their simple homes and taste of their gracious hospitality.


 96  Land of silks :
Kanchipuram, the town of thousand temples is one of the seven sacred cities in India. Kanchipuram is famous for its hand woven silks in the form of saris and yardage. The timeless appeal of vibrantly coloured silks makes them prized collections.



Stand on the tip of India :

Kanya Kumari, the southernmost point of peninsular India, is where the waters of the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea meet - a place from where one can see spectacular sunrises, colourful sunsets and the full moon rising from another part of the sky!
A temple dedicated to goddess Kanyakumari is located close to the seashore. Off the coast, on a rocky island, is the memorial to that great Indian philosopher – Swami Vivekananda who sat in meditation here in 1892.

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