Celebrations and Festivals

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 16  Celebration of good over evil :
In October a ten-day long festival is celebrated to mark the victory of Prince Rama aver the evil king Ravana. Ram Lila, a drama which brings, to life the legend of prince Rama is held in various parts of the country. On the tenth day a huge effigy of Ravana, filled with crackers is burnt. This becomes a most spectacular display of fireworks that fills up the evening sky.


 22  Holy holi :
Welcome to Holi, India's fluorescent Mardi Gras where no one is safe from being turned into something that resembles a Jackson Pollock canvas. It is the most colourful, friendly battle on earth. Holi is a time for celebrating the arrival of spring and the approaching harvest season. The frenzy takes place all across northern and eastern India. Join in the celebration as vibrantly coloured powders are thrown on friends, relatives, and strangers. The festival is accompanied with noisy makeshift parades, feasts and dancing in the streets, and in true Indian fashion.


 38  Beating the Retreat :
At the majestic Vijay Chowk, the “Beating the Retreat” ceremony is held every year against the backdrop of the setting sun in Delhi. A centuries-old military tradition, Beating the Retreat dates back to the days when troops disengaged themselves from battle at sunset. As soon as the bugles sounded retreat, the troops ceased fighting, sheathed their arms, and withdrew from the battlefield. The custom has been retained to this day when colours and standards are cased and the flag lowered. The annual retreat has the nation's defence forces in a ceremonial playing of pipes and drums that, in effect, is a celebration of joy of being a Republic. It is customary for the country's top brass, including the President, the Prime Minister and the three Service Chiefs, to participate in the celebrations.


 40  Sound and light :
The Lal Quila (Red Fort) is an eloquent reminder of the glory of the Mughal era, and its magnificence simply leaves one awestruck. It is a calm haven of peace, which helps one to break away, from the noisy and busy life outside the walls of the Fort, and transports the visitor to another realm of existence. Sound and light shows, highlighting particular phases of history are held here and are worth attending. The shows are in Hindi and English. Sound and light shows are also held at other important monuments.


 64  Participate in the paranormal :
A shrine in Shivapur, near Pune, named after Sufi Qamar Ali witnesses an unusual event. In the courtyard, visitors to the temple are asked to assist in a demonstration of Qamar Ali's divine presence. The experiment involves a large boulder in the courtyard.


 84  Sound and Light show at Golconda Fort :
Golconda Fort is a majestic monument, which lies on the western outskirts of Hyderabad city. The magnificent architecture is manifest in its acoustic system, the structural grandeur of the palaces and ingenious water supply system. The fort was famous for its diamond trade and the 'Kohinoor' diamond is said to have come from here.
All this is explained in the sound and light show that brings the legend of Golconda to life. With a spectacular interplay of audio and visual effects, its story unfolds over centuries of splendour. The show livens up the glorious past and it is an experience worth watching.

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